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Bouncing Back: Sure-Shot Ways to Garage Door Spring Repair You Need to Know

Broken Spring Repair

Your Garage door system, often overlooked, plays a crucial role in protecting your home and office from burglars and promoting its curb appeal. It is comprised of numerous components, including torsion springs. If your garage door is not functioning properly, it indicates that torsion springs are broken or other functioning errors. 

Consider hiring a professional company if you’re concerned about tackling a broken garage door spring error. Otherwise, replace both the left and right springs simultaneously to avoid needing to do the job again. Remove the old springs and take measurements while they’re still relaxed. Only then can you order replacement parts and repair the springs. Replacing garage door springs is a simple task that can save you hundreds of dollars.
This blog is all about a step-by-step guide to garage door broken spring repair and its troubleshooting.

All about Garage Door Springs and it’s types 

Garage door springs are the most significant components of a garage door system and hold the tension and extra pressure from the Garage door system to open and close accordingly. 

Garage door springs can be comprised of different types:

Torsion Springs 

  • Above the opening of the garage door.
  • Lift and lower the door by winding and unwinding.
  • Usually found in residential garage doors.

Extension Springs

  • Positioned on both sides of the door, parallel to the tracks.
  • Stretch and contract to facilitate door movement.
  • Commonly found in older residential garage doors.

Red Flags of Broken Garage Door Springs

If your garage door springs are broken, it is due to numerous signs and reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The automatic door opener won’t fully raise the door 
  2. The garage door closes too fast 
  3. Loud snapping noise is coming from the garage door 
  4. Door operation comes with lots of horrible sounds 
  5. Spring becomes rusty or corroded

A Step-by-step Process of Garage Door Broken Spring Repair 

If you need spring replacement services, then this phase of the blog will help you a lot as it covers the complete process of garage door broken spring replacement process:

Step 1. Disengage the opener

First, disengage the garage door opener so it won’t open by itself during installation.

Step 2.  Unbolt stationary cones from bracket rod

Once both springs are unwound, use a drill to unbolt the stationary cone of every spring from the center bracket. 

Step 3. Loose cable drums from rod 

Use a wrench to loosen the set screws on every cable drum. Unplug the cable from the drum at the top and the bracket at the bottom of the door. Set the drum to the side after sliding it to the torsion bar. Halt the old springs from the torsion bar by sliding the bar out of the bearing plate. 

Step 4. Replace the torsion springs on the torsion bar. 

Slide each torsion spring onto the torsion bar in the same manner as the old springs were removed, with the stationary cone toward the center. Then, replace the drums on the torsion bar and insert the bar into the end-bearing plate. Tighten the screws on each drum with a wrench.

Step 5.  Center plate bolts spring securely

Bolt the stationary cones of each torsion spring to the central plate with a drill. 

Step 6. Tighten the torsion springs into the bar

Now, use the winding rods to tighten the springs to the torsion bar, and the torsion springs should be torn four-quarter turns per foot of door height and an extra two turns.  If your garage door is above 7 feet tall, you will wind each torsion spring 30 quarter turns. 

Step 7. Torsion spring screws should be tightened and tension tested.

Once you wind your springs successfully, try to keep a winding rod resting on the garage door header and pressure up the set screws on the spring with the help of a socket wrench. Then, test the tension of your garage door to ensure that the springs have been wound multiple times. This is important in guaranteeing that your garage door system can open and close nicely.  

To perform this, lift the door to the halfway position, and if the door moves up on its pressure, the torsion springs tight too much and then unwind each spring one or two-quarter turns and test again. The springs must be twisted extra times if the door moves down independently. In this instance, each spring wind one or two extra quarter turns and test again.

All in All 

Changing your garage door springs is a simple but valuable task. But it can only be possible with the help of a professional garage door repair company. In this blog, we have listed the best garage door broken spring replacement problems and their solutions. In case your garage door needs replacement services, feel free to call the professionals of Rocky Garage Door Repair Denver today! 

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